Old soul

i want ablogiz
about every single moment i spend it
without you
take ma love
i want ablogize
about all the wound
my old soul
tuch pain night
your streat have my light
i will have the all paper of years
that you love it
ma love can’t wait


Flower if you exept

under forest of hope
i have love can’t be lost
love cover the earth
hide the sky
love in my soul
be in all my cells
nothing can replace that love
i give you my eyes like a gift
and that are my flowers
if you exept that…


All the all

I am think to love another love
and third and four and endliss more
and i will not forget that
i love you and die for you
cous you still all the all
that the case
how i love from atumn to spring
how will fill about my ach
if i have wound and pain
if i don’t have your sound and smile
and my life crumple like
damb life
i will forget
my place tender with your love



if you want keep yourself away
what i made with my own
with wound and pain
if you wolk and find another day
how like me you will find
ma soulmat
jealous i
i don’t care
you exept to live my heart
with you hand and forget
how live
if i have other life


Little finger

my soul mat
through the time out
the secret of my speach
see my chest how is dark
without your hand round
ma light
ma soul
ma angel all
my words give little finger
like child and promis
don’t give up
keep with me
like old time be
i will come
fro my prison run


Echo of pain

promise me don’t leave me
promise me don’t go away far
promise me to keep me as your land
couse you want away
i miss you and i travel with mad life
if you see my eyes smill
now cous i find you
my soul find the hope
aske me
wher i am naw
i kiss your portreee
call my life
miss your way
i listen to ecko of ma pain
my eyes tired from a wake
ma heart and soul need you



iam stolen
i think in that
funny you know
and still i have that smile like a damb
i fill mean this words now
i live with that meanining
i am in love
and i ablogiz about hard days
you know
they said have it after a war
mad the love
don’t beilive that
i am sory about crazy mad love
but belive