on the mesery of soldiers

from Shijing by Confucius

yallow now in all the grass.all the days in marching pass.far and near. they plan.

Black is every plant become.every man is torn from home.kept on foot.our state is if we no feelings had!

Not rhinoceroses we!. tigers do we care to be? field like these so desolate.are to us a hateful fate.

long tailed foxies pleased may .hide”Mong to grass.where they abide.we .in box carts slowly bonre.on the great roads plod and mourn.


My heart by Cenk (cybernetics)

My heart becomes a fire some days and water in others
It burns everything and then puts the fire off
My heart becomes snow somedays and rain in others
Stays as piles of snow, becomes flood and goes away
It gets delighted when sees you
Gets excited when it hears your voice
Its beating is like an orchestra, plays its songs for you
With every pulse, your name is reverberated in my vessels
It becomes a fire some days and water in others
But, my heart gets warmer in your palms only


i can’t forget by Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan

Easy to say forget, tell me about it!
I can’t forget, see i can’t forget
There is something here, inside of me, that overwhelms me
Here right over my heart
There is something stay nailed
It is beyond my control, i can’t take it out
My eyes are getting lost, with looking fars
Whoever i see, it looks like you some
It makes me remind you, that cloud, that sky
That sea beats the rocks
That sad melody, that ‘napoliten’ song
That sometimes we used to listen together
I think of you always, without a stop, without getting tired
Whom they are looking, her that beautiful eyes
Where is her lovely hands
However, days are not those days
Nights are not those nights
And its your yearning that remains only in the nights
I grow you inside of me, with thinking and thinking
Growing sorrow with you
New and new grieves i grow, unbarable
Dirty waters are passing through my marrows
A poison is mixing into my blood, do you understand me?
One more time i see you, i wish, one more time
For one day, even for one minute
Easy to say forget, tell me about it
I cant hold my tears, while i remember
You, over my tongue
You, inside of my head
Are you destiny, cradle? Who are you?
I can’t forget, see i can’t forget‏…‏


You are a must for me

you are a must for me, you never know
i keep your name in my mind as a nail
your eyes getting more bigger as they get bigger
you are a must for me, you never know
i am heating inside of me with you
Trees are getting ready for autumn
this city is that old Istanbul?
clouds are torn aparts in darkness
street lights are immediately flashing
over sidewalks, the smell of rain
you are a must for me, you are absent
to love is sometimes a rather disgraceful fear
man gets tired all of a sudden in an evening
captive, with living over straight razorsometime, breaks his hands, his passion
takes out a few lives in his lifetime
whichever door he knocks sometimes
behind him, whistle of the naught silence of loneliness
a poor gramphon plays in Fatih
from ancient times a Cuma* plays
standing in the corner, i would listen non-stop
i would bring an untouched sky to you
weeks are crumbled in my hands
what shall i do, what shall i hold on, where shall i go
you are a must for me, you are absent
maybe you are blue dotted child in june
Ah noone knows you, noone knows
a ship leaks from your deserted eyes
maybe you are taking an aeroplane in Yesilkoy
wholly got wet, your hair shudder
maybe you are blind, broken, in a hurry
Bad winds are carrying away your hair
whenever i think of living a life
maybe hard in this wolves table..
without a shame, though without getting our hands dirty
whenever i think of living a life
i start with your name, with saying Silence
your secret seas are moving inside of me
No, it wont happen in other ways
you are a must for me, you never know…
Attila İlhan