Homs moon rise over black stone

Chapter nine
Sun got in her coffin..
the moon rise with a loveres bitis..
all the thing upper..
I don’t know how any of the storm passed out or still..
For the rest of ride to our home we made alitle tolk.i feel gulty about what i i keep being patient and loving some talk.i needed to get from needed to be alone.i want another start but still i shouldn’t offered to leave any page of my mystriss unturned.because i was siting without any hint that made me scared and wanted to know.i had to get out of my dreams,and got control of moment and focus on what had happned and my brain had sliped out of it.
Forget had mad me hurt ,like abovious trap.i think Lith had liked it when he set a trap.because then be loved when i run like victims came to them.
I think actuly l know where they where and i go dirctly to them.
They was the light lift to me,because i was anxious to start but realy ineeded to get what i forget it.
Realy i want remmber all it,like johnny in dead zoom with Steven King.i know that i haven’t accedant and i wan’t hide but still somthing hide after all.
Johnny mom said and i loved more whin Lith come out with her said” don’t hide in the cave,or make him have to send a big fish to swallow you up”
oh i want my fight really.but ther somthing hide in dead zone..
I want clear all up what that.
In this car somthing i feel like in the lord of file,i and Lith lost in island but Lith know and still i without map.
I know Lith know about what i lost ,but he want me do my work.oh how hard that.just one hint.
I wan’t to spend my whole time like that.
I can’t be out of fears also.
That atternative is worse.
The attack of brain fever has left its criminal mark on me,well i know that .God know that and want it all.that all lately drive in run me and another to be mad.
What else i wait light to come.
I know that i have work must to be do.but what that?
Why hide,or i hide from that,no there another face of coin to show.
The truth must flow up take his mark.
Lith tutch my hand and i noded we near our home.
not fear but pease but not like any pease still.
Somthing strange about what i feel.
I want my war to be fair at the end.
I remmber Khaled ibn Tollon how take the Anddloss said to his army” the sea befor you,and enemy behind you,what you prefer to chose”..