Homs moon rise over black stone

Chapter 8
how nice to be fly free-to be free when we can see the light shining even through the dark of our dreams.
But dream can’t go for ever.
Just wishes go far from the death .
I opend my sleepless eyes upon lith face.he was standing near me.holding my hand tightiy in his own. I made a hard effort to speake.lith face danced with softly light smile..
“ are coming back”
how my heart want to escape,only lovely power kept me to go throught peace.
“i can’t escape .you know..”
“ is deal”
how i ask weaving fighiting off wave of nausea.
“how long?how long have i been in dreans”
“some time”
“how long”
“little long time”
“ soulmat.give up your game.i want it some moons? I feel confused..but..”i sobbed.
“you neednot fence with me how long?”
i breating irregularly and sequeezed my eyes and start waiting for an answer.
Then lith spoke in his eyes.
“five or five too?”i asked
“very much more than that you know”
“more than”
“many sun rise then”
i shut my eyes tight..and sat looking about me..
“how many weeks?”
“you must be prepared to be surprised?”
“you have fun on me”
“don’t look like that”
“iam dreaming.thats is not nice .this is a big hard joke you have it upon me”
“iam kow me.why you don’t remember”
“why i ask you if i can.”
suddenly l laughed through my tears like a foolish.
When i listen to his joke.
“two months”
how dark and gastly..hopeless my moon swift the clouds night.
“you can’t imagine what it feels like to huge you agains”he whispered with his arms around me.
“then we married at last”
“alovely wedding.and we have a baby too..”
“ I don’t remember”
“put your hand at your womb ,then you well feel it”
“you are made another joke again”
“no.. It was brain have to keep are getting well again.and you well remember every thing”
“i well try”
But i turned to lith with puzzled eyes
“i wonder..janaa hasn’t been call is she”
lith eyes were in searching
“good than ever.she’s fly away”
“oh..i wonder if she has call me”
“not to my knowledge”
“she hardly ever not call and you don’t know where is she gone.from hiding place incide my brain alovely voice calling me.i can’t quite understand it.wher is..?”
“ love.i think you know that she has passed away.”
“that was the thing ican’t remember.witl you pleace tell me how it happened?i wand you help.iam not a fraid of truth.i am strong now”
“tell me first what you remember”
“the call but i don’t understand”
“you know”
“i do..but why that awful storm..oh poor child noar alhada..”
from my head to foot i was shuddering.
Ther vision apper to me at last and i went speakless.
What afrightful day it was
that befor chrismass day
the door open wide
the light fly away
free i see it free
hardly belove
that hard whisper nightmare
that hard whisper nightmare
jnaa i miss you…


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