Homs moon rise over black stone

Chapter seven
no wonder..runining.
And the sun near our head and the snow crush softly under our foots.
The suffer come true.
Run and look at the lay rocus.
Look at that snow that has shone for ever.
The white.. The pure.
What rush into the black wall..
The blinding light we accept it.
Was in our laugh and ghastly faces..
Only moment ago i had been feeling in suffer.
My brain is not like what it was there drowsines.
I spoke to Jnaa.. But Jnaa like shadow fly away…
The confusion i can’t express it.
Keep my mind run also.
The snow was enough to cold the wormth.
But the trouble had to care.
I don’t drink
i know that
anumber of children playing along the snow.
I stopped and regarded the artist snow maker.
I wonder what the trap i lore in.
Its strang state.
Jna have run and trun too
with lovely smile and nice dress.
We played with dull that have eyes blue.
In our childhood was true.
We know at all the doors that we have seen.
Like old time that in laugh disapper..
I run too.
Our laugh from childhœd come alive.
I call her and still she run
her golden hair fly like awing in the dream.
From beginning to end
ther’s been the Homs war
i ‘ve understood that
we run away from the war jar.
Tha is so .. At the snow it happens..
No doubt it improve the make ane dream..
The naturally thought has been hot in my brain.
Thought tha hearing an angel voice.
” lived straght
take care of Nour alhuda”
i catch Jnaa and tolked more like old time in privat way..
I ask her”where she was. And where she want to go.”
she recognise my stopdly hungry look to truth.
Like sleep voice slowly her come.
“if you can understand me.noo lose in surpise..
I chang my mind
there was a lot of chang
among other thought
i have run through
i should have
my husbend wait me
there you wired i know you are.
As matter of fact.
I must go with him
nothing has been done else
it wouldn’t be bad stop
just take care of baby.
It wouldn’t bad step.
Just take care
and she vanchid in amagic way.
With her husben offer me goodbay.
And that the snow with my though melt away..

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