Homs moon rise over black stone

Chapter six
while the phone play wild symphone , the storm have put around..
How i could bear alone all that.
Wait till the storm pass!
The people run wild in every way.
Shadow of manything also fly ,like thee toke some drug.
Sleeper they wolk around.
I catch someone in fever reply.
That ther gold here around.
Where here i ask more.
No one can ma reply offer.
Then i wolk around.
The mystry of letter found the Sadad vilage place.
In Bible found that name.
There gift like a magic or somthing great.
All search around.
I walk to Karetten city near Sadad vilag be.
The sound of sky ungry reaply.
The rain run in floud eround.
Take the animals and tents and dusts in his way.
That not fun realy not fun.
I don’t want relic or anciant somthing.
I reast in that city look to vistor in vision way.
How to vist Palmira and Alher palace also.but the fear grow more.
The red run down in hesterical mood.
Kill here..kill there ..
More secrem.
Why iam here.idon’t remamber .
Everywhere also was die.
The dust likes dancers or vambire replay.
Have someone led me?
The tomb of my soul with carless dark lay.
Whats the matter?
Why iam here.i want light .the fever of anxity come back.
I had begged the drk to run away.
Moment after moment still i wait.

The warmth of the light sunshine i want.spread everywhere .it was only after that black wall.
No sound of birds.
Iam sure that iam het the storm.
The wind sing over the echo of voices.
The storm was at my mind.
I think i don’t know .but i know.
I heard the voice call me over the ach.
Rising rising rising more.
At open door come the light of sunshine.
My heart told me
ma heart spoke
iam wandering through my dark
in which part i have in
iam motionless
silly art of thing
i think the fog fade over the cure of suffer budy.
Whats the matter?
Give me your hand.
Many hand lay off.
Can someone help me
then at open door come sound sing again.
Abeutfull song.
Tha full with dremas.
From my childhood i know.
That the song we sing at the road to the school.
After the door half to me.
At the snow…
She run
i run after her
and she sing
i calleed her


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