Homs moon rise over black stone

Chapter five
what make that come true against our wish that pass under our eyes hardly to admit with that .but that the life wish.
“you are getting magnanimous ” and he lughed
” no .. Iam only trying to be fair. That must be to do ”
“aha…of course.”
“that like uranus make troubles at me to end the life.”
“why not tell that the jupiter benfit to help marriage with partiner.don’t shrink from your deal ”
“you are joking..aha..and i am not in that mood make war dropping was time you know”
“i am not hero and love passowrd game.iam only ordinary human mortal need to rest .you know that.the people will die of violance , famine , dissease. And old age.. And other will be born to take there place .life is life”
“i think will aplogize from the dead of bad men and bad one will do whatever they think now at this time hardly to admit..”
lith and i had been at least understand the differante between what was and done in past,and what was and done at our moment.
But still i think that there deffrent betwen soulmat and lover…
We crouched in the living room when the door ring fly the toooon…
It was Gassan the friend of lith and hasbend of Lilaa his sister.he still mad at her becaus she want divorce.and he old art .Lith told me about that.we talked lettle and he congratulate us.i made tea and went to lith bedroom.
This first time i enter it .it so nice with bage colore.ther books in the table in the corner.i read the name memorie of Victor Hogo.some to Dostafiske .Danti,Poul Couelo,and arabic old poem some to Abo Fras Alhmadane and Almtnbi. There book named by paper of dead sea.i read it so beuty.some book a bout sufi way. I see aook near his bed.i hold it.its by Tagor .the crescent moon .i open it and read.
Ah,these,jasmin.ah..who was it coloured that little frock bless.this little heart child,how happe you are.sitting in the dust…
I began to cry when i read the poem the begining.start with:”where have i come from…where dis you bick me up?.”
iamnot notice lith when enter .he see me and ask me why i was cry.
“i remmber nour alhuda now,when i read this poem..
Iam just thinking about it when i read it thats all”
“why you are not thinking about our one”
i colored
“when time come then will happen..with all my lovining and your .
the sound will ring but now tho only wunted to that baby now while her mother fly her travel”
“it was just tomorw then we will fly also.have you photo to the child in your phone”
and he see by his eyes how nour alhuda was beutiful and pure.under that horror lost her father and her mother God help her..
Her grean eyes..and moony face with bronz skine and sparks eyes.that was miss of heart .shall i talk to sky of the have fruit of the city .w4ile white ash murmur of the Homs though throw darkness of the war…

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