Homs moon rise over black stone

Chapter four
i feel like that iam under mikroskope.the heat of eay of the tiger behind me.then come sound make me feel strange.the sound of surprise tone.
“what’s wronge”lith asked me
“bad and good …nothing more wrong”
he setted into the kitchen seat,look like he was geting so philosophical in that moment.
“what’s so bad first”
“janaa..down in lonoly suffer soul like she gave up throug nusty air.she want be pass like a whisper throw our laugher open window of memory..she is in hospital now.shrink lost more of blood and many other.she have 3 blood and serum bag.injury in her stomach this time from killer pain tab.
Near in thes time butterflies dance with jasmine in the garder near the kitchen. Lith said:” in irland all men know that butterflies are the souls of the dead wating for the moment,when men enter purgatoration”
“you know Rania passed all that padly drail,had laid at death door all throw one dreadful night while our hand waited togather”
i beagan to realized that for ma soulmat who has seen suffering and death in his lovely nearest and who fond himself finely powerless to allerate the one or avent to another.i share him this also.
I hold his world’s sad in my arms of mine. Try to saved amagic to give a little treasure and peace and light to give up our fear of losing.
After while of silince
“i was wondering what you done at 6 clock here”
“i picked up on the first ring because though jnaa..and it was jnaa was a sad conversation.she miserable.i hate that feel. And her baby alone with strange.i wish but..
“don’t cry thing will get better”
” when.. Who faster i want to fly over the eay of the moment to give her arest and happy life again..”
the rest of couble moment made us on the power of imagination.then lith light on radio to listen to the world news while he search in fm station come beatles songs out to life,oh how life is life.
“whats the good if there any come with…”
“dr.jmal has finshed the travel paper to jna and her baby.he will make her travel soon if her condition good he want you to talk with him throw skipe at 7 or 8…”
“aha..good..what you ar doing in my kitchin at 6 o’clock.i wake up cos the smell and noise here.nice the hot in the kitchin when we wake up”
“iam sorry..but nothing more..i feel so bad then i try to make some pizza and chease and zaater manaqish and some griba as a desert.don’t be angry.i can’t help with bad news.i want stop thinking.i want think any more”
“stop now..i am hangry.. We have noise day..and i wake up allready early then i will made tea and we will take our breakfast soon..”
“why not coffey at first”
“no tea and pizza first”
it always took less moment to yield to my soulmat behests than to argu against..
Then we had our breakfast and while i made coffey lith made some call.his sound fly out.i got a glass of water and tried to clear my throut when i see the looking lith face..
“There is not airplane today.cos the chrissmes.all the seet has taken.and dr.jmal whant to pike with us some resarsh and paper and patient from alzaatre to make our intervew with tv and press”
realy that was a bit of life brake and make fun at me it’s not fair .i know its perfectly well…


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