Homs moon rise over black stone

Chapter three
befor i could say anything more.he’d taken off.leaving to do our logical paper and our marriage with help holy man in the mosque
i told my self to breath deeply befor i could sea goodbay to my free wild bird in indian way
but what help me more that a vision of the future when met our eyes like other jewels in which gleamed the beuty of our soulmat truth.beuty of our trust bond.and detrimin to make the miricle true in our retian from hotel in the car, i ask lith
“why really you marry me ?”
“i wanted your innocence wanted help.
I needed it
your love giving and giving
just wher you so long you can
that road what i freindly with
you know that
why we wonder to take one more
this time
like one.soulmat.”
marriage had been no less fight than any war.just start now.
That legal right paper must be to do .and we did.
With money we can have a magic wish.
And wish come fast
with money we can have gun,marry whatever you want,and free hanged man.that old saga.
I made some call phone in the car with jnaa and dr.jmal office and chik up the phon call when lith fire his words.
“i wonder how that a maried poet well fell about our?”
“you think ther’d be somthing little exciting about that.a maried poet… I laughed with amusment .we have just a little friendly talk and card what you think”
“i think now about Alfred de Mussed and George Sand,Gassan Kanafane and Gada Alsman.”
“aha,you’re all wrong if you think we care about us like you think,really you stubborn selfish jealus character”
we arrived to home,he set himself out to take what he wantet with more silinse nervious in his private space.he live me alone in the home to made his alasr prayer in mosque.
I open my bag that we had taken from hotel and take a blue dress to get my shour.
Under the a rough case we held some of hope more than at some actually awhole symphony of hope in the life to done that right.
I take my phone still i am aware of that mind cannot pross of any more detail at that moment.
Think and think and think
what a goal in killing innocent people like damn hell that way ?
Blody terrorism in gray diffrent way.just God protect us. That our moto in Homs.and God alone whant that that way for point we can’t see it fact in faith or any intelligence or nothing more will does diffrent protect us.
Lith come back with alovely women congratulate me and kissed and huged me betwen a lovely tears she said:”i heard a clever lady asking whather the new moon always appears in the same day of the month.and she added that perhaps it better not to know when or in what part of the sky to expect it,its appearance is always apleasant surprise”
this woman is lith sister ,made the food,mansf and somthing with gamid made of milk and bried and chiken ,realy a delicious food.
I remmber our food in Homs.the koba and ybraq and shakrea and maqloba many many delicious food i missed.
We toke our dinner then sister lith live us alone with more kisses.
It was like i was dreaming as i walked across the sand past all of the coloring fact.
Lith was watching me.
“whats up.lith”
i take my phon and set near him in the sofa while he start watch tv and start read in wattpad.
To make efort to work my mind out of that strange moment.
“what you do ”
“i read book,the eye of zaiton,about araminia by talbot know this tales of nineteen centuries ago.the turke and italean war”
“aha..i read past that.Omar Khayyam says:abook of verse beneath the bough aloaf of bread.a jug of win and thow sitting beside me in the wider ness.o wilderness were paradise enow…
give up and watch tv with me .now time to Oprah program.the life is beauty.Talked about soul by many vistor today with sufi tetcher”
“nice.i heared about agreat sufi who said that apilgrimag to the place of the wise is to escap the flam of separation”
we talked more and more with ahot tea the hours passed in search about symbol old soulmat.i try to block out eveything about other though tonight.
Lith taked his alood and start playing old andluseat song.the song all about being in love young and free in life.
I gave a deep sight of child sleep in asofa and fall in sefty peacfly sleap..
First gleam of the sun come behind the tall bulding on the east.glanced in the glory dancing out tith lovly hope to light anew wornder of life.
I wake up in my phon ring chicago song”if you leave me now”
that was jnaa
realy life surprises us when we least expect it.i look throw the window to that oak and olive treas in near streat.i like trees .we have more in our old city Homs.our roots there.needed love and tender to strengthen them…


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