Homs moon rise over black stone

Chapter 2
Its impossible to take what happned in this moment with ignorance
its impossible to talk about what happned,i don’t think ever he will do that in this moment
but i want to save her
realy more think was risk case of mind could in any way kill faster if left it to go on.
How i sat like that i don’t know
but when i come to my sense i becom set alone with his boomb.
But his moto stil in my mind”i can share 4 wife”but in miror his eyes he has no one or maybe one in secret can i dos’nt mind sharing his.its high prince that kind of infirno like danti way.or dan brown.still he can eat me simply. God .i miss my HOMS city in this forgnir city.i want big hug.i want wolk in old city and clock square to got my mind free.i want make ma prayer in khald ibn alwled mosque and hang near am alznar church .oh my city fed me tender like always.its hard way to experience this lesson of life whithout any desire to go out in your venes.i know homs love came in passion with lovly spirit.indeed faithfully.
I don’t have time to cry above the hot blood.
I take taxi to his home. With his surpris i stand in his door ask him if he has tea without sugar.i enter while lift him in the door. Then he come still surprise from change in my mood like ever,ask me how can i know his home
“i steal your pasowrd from 4 years and read your chat with her and you gave her that… Wher is she now?
“dead from 3 month with a non hodgkin”
“iam sorry”
“are you!
Any chance of try play mouse and cat with lith in this moment useless.then must experince silent lesson naw befor the storm come.
Lith went over to the near kitchen while i wondering if i should just run away from here while i still could.
Then i remamber jnaa
how i want to save her.
Then his sound come briskly
“told me have what in earth make you come to me so fast and look then like dead face you will see vampire”
“i will give you clue. But if i tell you the reason can…?”
“no…deal is deal. Whatever the resson.”
“why you jump to your own conclusions that refuse whithout hear…”
“no.”he cut in smoothly
“gave me chance to explain befor you ignor my beg”
“you know i will give you anything you want without anything but i have my reason”
“you don’t love me then”
“asmaa this time its different,tell me why”
“jnaa my bist friend a sweet gentle lovely who she never wished harm on anyone in her entire can’t turn your back on her and her baby nour alhuda surely?
his back to me with trust look and hope
“deal is deal.put your own pride and prejudices”
“emily bronte”
“no darling jane austin”
“wuthering heigh thin”
“yes emely”
“please be sense and sensibility”
“ is deal”
My heart sank and i want cold lith stubborn i know that befor.
I took another set then turned to the the wall
“yes .im prepared to do whaterver want”
challange always be back
i don’t have time to think about my punshment.he like that.
With hard eyes he start talk on the telephone to make our travit tommorw and owr mariag paper today..
The ice cold shivers up and down my spine and i noded that can i do.
Lith took all his time enjoying his win with smile playing about his lips with lazily tone said
“i promis not take you until you give it free.we will sleep in two room .but not for ever ..”
“but whz you want travel with me i can do it.i will not escape”
“you will making not single travile without me at your side.anything you may need will be through me”
“so childish”
“tell me more abou jnaa”
“her husband had died when he was in prison from two month.leaving her with his baby alone in the big war with big famly outside in the world escape from the war machine.ablack song this ignorance to care with miserable way
That all not the best friend jna run away flight from badly madly dangerous sick .you know that tretment and dr.jmal mony and his inflounce throw his combany beauty and healthy can do it.that’s all burnes from wood to wood conscious at the way i can’t realiz that you in that doman.
You can find pleasure in conscious ignorance .
You can like rereading me if you almost forgotte that.
I care for here
must be me here
with your treatment and dr jmal to go to press to help jnaa and many how need it in syria.its painted fieled with red and what can i lose more.
You want your deal for heal take it. I have not any time to spind to discover whether ash can reply
i lost all the trees by foreigner
now at this moment jna and hir baby nour alhuda need mony and care and protact
whativer the badly price i will give the miracles to come true
under stands the circly facts. That life was symbol of war questing death long befor it was a symbol of lumph questing death…


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