Homs moon rise over black stone

Since the war being cannot change.the love must result a change in the whispear of mode of looking at window of life,from a new shadow of thought regarding it.
sort of slave by light force.
the personal interest in this matter.except no escape from the truth.
glady with love.
and found to be little else.
this hs nutural of love result of life.
that light begins to show upon us
i realize the fear given us the truth of love
the love upon the war by both side are equally
it is simply
thhs philosophy warm our mind
spoken like marriage which the two have become one as they always were be.
not like twilight story here we tolk about
maybe we at first blind to force this truth
but rude life make it in any way.
it is for reason to be shure
wher i set naw look throw window of this trip throw the wide sky
see the point
point of life lay over may stres.
For the whole the war is the temple of love.
bear this in ma heart nothing is great as this result.
i remamber now the first intervew with my first step in this story with Dr.jmal
who my mind worded beon his stone black eyes when his order come like faith
still i express the hope to exept my c v to work with his stafe as ph.
i remmber how i get out of his ofice
with closed teeth and expressed his words
“fly to sindpad”
what in earth must to do
fly and for home
why he now
i don’t think circumstance determined me to accept the invitation to that man to resarch about a new drug and how discover that
why i
i still new in this doman
like he fire me in his reqist but must i do that to have work
but why he?
“what can i pet you ?”
i looked up from my mobile for moment.
i short in reply in that moment.
that kind of man who spent most of his free time at the prayer in sufii mode
set befor me
i recognized his by photograph from his nimbuzz profile
when we had tolk throw it befor we give up befor 4 years.
i changed my name thats tine at first and so many time over our chat room
but now what
the waitress retun with my coffe and his tea mug
after uncomfortable smile
“i have got here coz your new discover only i have a few question”
i frozen when he return his gaze from away.
“asmaa..please.. i’am not with them. we’d be meeting under far different circumstance.
why went away like that.
are your famely safe throw war in syria
why you with this company
you know that i don’t love petrol moy
i just love you coz that i naw here
you are here in jordan with me will be safe.
give up to all thing and come with me”
“not like that .lith..i just have a few questions. i want talk about your treatment”
the words had slowly left his lovly lips
“i won’t talk about that
you hear me.leave me out of this.or i swear..?
“fine .lith.we will talk about that another time or you’ll never see me again.
i used to work for beauty combany.i really don’t know why you jumped far like that.
the war crush me in syria .more talk i can’t speake about.and this work in petrol land like yot name it give me birlland step to go on.”
“crossing to death line that”
“the death line what we see in blody war hinding more time”
“and my lote what?
outside your land?”
chill ran down me i can’t glanced around
i don’t love to be watched by his strong eyes.
“the only way you’ll truly be safe with me ”
“you know we stopped this talk many time befor.don’t you”
“what do you thind you still proud person .the war machine don’t break you ever”
“that’s why i am here naw.for work”
the fire was already jumpier in his eyes likd afrog on hot pavement.
“you know how i care so much about yot without much hope
like you see now
i tell you
you want what you want.must be pay for it.
marry me…asmaaa….”
this story from imaginaint maybe not real maybe yes…


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