LUCKY PEHR Nicoly Apostola

PEHR:Caliph Omar!what kind of fish is that
VIZIR:(STERNLY)That ir no fish.he was agreat and honorable ruler.


Fruit and bee

hard what you chose
went with wind away
ma breath with you start
don’t give me up any day
is mistake to live for you
what you sea
idon’t care
idon’t leave
you sound make the desert full with flowers and bee
what then i whant fruit that i live without
but how i ilve without ma breath out
if that you i in same case
what you prefer
ma magic face
i chose and the end of that
tha end
i love you


Foot of fruit

have you see work without end
i can’t give
i fall with fog of mess
help me
travel away
give me ma dead sout
swam with another soul
i tired from the life
i can’t live without and with you
esp with empty wamp
ma earth
that hard
love cruch at foot of fruit


Rip off

how you dare talk like that
how you ingore heartbeat with name song
is that your thought
oh is that?!
i hate shadow of miss
i hate dead soul
idon’t care to fruit
without ma tree
like earth don’t want another sand
give me ma laugh
help me with that
don’t give up
rip sad off my mate



you no what
i love the fruit
and all the tree have
how you ignore the truth
tree without fruit
miss part
how you still love the tree
that dos’nt fruit have
iam that
that iam
i hate your sacrifice
what you wait
wond moring dew
or what
you know.!


Past passe away

don’t afraid from past
the past passe away
you know the fast wind
not flow the same way
cross don’t look like that
forget the sad mad
all the hurshly gry
not the all day sapply
moment of your work that you lost
are all good
or there best
have you problem with birds whin they sing
everday another song
you will find your bread
how much that near
or far the moment did
i and you with same poem
don’t afraid