Over her face

Over her face
lifting laugh
regarding to huch of stream
under olive tree
they had seen
not confusion
not spirit of sad
there lose of sand
love to mad
over her face
many many storys cry
how robbed the powar
how make a glory
their house at that land
her land
ma land
which our foot drink her tuch
against the smile of gun
there fight
over her face


Gun work

Ask or don’t ask
gun work fine
do what you prefer
love or don’t love
that crazy way you can see
orang tree sing the free
hate or can’t hate
what ever that change
huch the bird
whisper the river
war grow bad
drink our blood
seqez the dream
just make answer
is that fair
green land with blue view
is that fair
laugh of girls
sound of boys
storys of grands
words of parents
hear that with wind
with mess of war
not dream i fight
or write
thats us
thats all
blood and soul
grow hot



Flavor missing
sliding flashed
out of fight
unwanted running
embarrassed loving
that’s allright
absence sang
scent of thee
there voice
never fooled
upstairs ther
eyes proud
with surprise
find and follow what found
what found
bird danced
slipped from photo
to trust account
here and near.



Inside mother womb
fight the lose
threee to gain
the warm life
lay at roof
dafinshe play
like the dream
by name of God
there inside
thought invit the rose
fight the lose
cruch the plastic brains
think that nice
help the green
whatch the nine
big and fine
inside inside


Like She

That was true
beautiful like she
befor me
fight with sun
heart suffered will
around the elegand like she
skine shine
light eyes love login
never could been
attention to din
cross thought lose the wind
large gaze those noticed
rise any sound
any brith
spoke the faith
hurtful fill
without the taste
tast the fight
with beutful like she‏


Serve the devil

Serve the devil
banish the paper
live like this way
against the burn
burn the souls
the souls of alls
fight with devil
fight for ever
for give to spoke
learn to tell
there a fight
with a name
for a sand
before the lame
around the horizon
shal not kill
shal not well
steal the hill
sereve the devil



The roof was dreen
the door painted with pain
the walls covered like shadow
the garden run behind the view
a narrow life led the tears
poor the war
under the junuary appear
cheered by cry
by cloudy fill the sky
gray gray
the season was fine
the wether receivee the ink
high pink
red ping
great blood
side to side
fight for fight
open downs
others black
without satisfie
they grow