love with war
how about that
crash the door
sing like that
how can i bear
when you far
mising in the fog
oh how you are
i love you hug
i miss you touch
crash with boobm
our dream crash
but love with the war
still we are…


Read and Write

Wild out the world
read and write skills have mad
in the past
they apple supported
now jumbe like cat
without basic
without respict
in modern society
no time
no literate
no form
only just for survive
for fields to keep alive
read and write…


My dream real

Enjoy with mine schedule
able to achieve my own goals
fixibility with normal amount
require no more dull
whthout specific time
maybe more for mine
maybe i lost enjoy of breaks rulls
with free vacation
i have more coool
being self-employed
being my skin
iwan’t safety repular
i want my sun shin
how other prefer
realy i don’t care
being me
being sky sing to me
being my dream real…


Is that insan ?!…

Mony cut depth
core the earth
the witch
mony cut our relationships
may debate is true
may strong frindship stop grow
borrowing mony form freind
falso idea end
trust bast over media
destoyed by borrowed
comfortable with
go dead
awkward catch the sky
both we believe in not try
poor idea that can
lost my friend
is that insan ?!…


can you buy happiness?!…

Mony can you buy happiness
can you ?!
Can you ?!
Contribut the society
provid that will
simply being happy
hang about that still
with homeless
with abused
with any one need to sad kill
personal satisfaction
is more important tha gain
what about you too
how higher we got into
levels than levels
still solo purpose is able to till
organization design with many
of maine
just remove the pain.
can you
can you buy happiness?!…



is that first?
No no no
profit nobility more favorate
businesses are for sake of business
mony is not first canrd be
maybe far from first that shall be
many prefit than we can gain
life toxic waste for mony
and time should be hired for life
feel with dobate
feel with proces of advencement
feel that this momen.



quickly or by careful throuph
how decisions i have to do?
flowers or dusty
thought careful catch
many trees are not larg
and do not require a big water average
life with limited
act like door shut
possible scream
quickly allow to life review
to hand the color in the time
decision not member of grope kik damp…