love with proof

love only asked in truth
is war inded need to proof
almost thought want to understand
soon be calling
lote with proof
warm desire comfort the pain
more and more
throw fire into wind
ghosts touched the war soul
beside the atuman wind
no need to proof
winter surely seemed to welcom
love with proof
without showr of rain
thirty earth to get up from pain
war tured doun again
even in the war darkness
sweet love out of cover
with or without proofe…



Suffering and death
with flood of pain
my soul crush in your pure sight
i will look and look
body in destroy
how can i
how can i didn’t remmber
memory time run without patint
both nerve and heart went cold
sleep my soul
sleep and rest
ever more pain
ever more again.
go go go…


At first bridge

A new gate in the door of war
love painting all of view
your smelle agains the sky
and all the excited and yor pressure gay
its cold war but we live with it
its great war but we love at it
its runid our city but we dusty the ruin with love
we should end the war
we should break it up
while we crossed the first bridge
there cloud forget to run after the wind
there we set and still
seting weth little stream
oh…our dream
oh…our dream
noisy and full like the war
and love danced in our veins more and more
in our city
sky and stream spoke nt suddnly in love
but war spoke ugly in stafe
and your eyes spoke much to say
at first bridge i reaply
i love you dear…


I still have time to think of you

I still have time to think of you
beound the attack of that war view
i will won your thought
your dream must grow
at back of horror
and bloody blood of war
i still have time to think of you
in teny thing which belon to you
everything about you have to me new
i remmber all poetry you read it to me
i remmber all lough you sing
i remmber all that and more
when harsher and sterner moment give to sleep
i have this power
power of love
how can trust my nerve
ma soul not far away
just ma body far from you are
i still have time to think of you
behind the red time
first line of ugly war
i still have time
to think of you
i love you…