i want hug

but it happen to ent
its start to hart
i have seen you die
i have watched our life hang away
you travel far
endless far
bad war say no care
that the end
i don’t believe
that what we’ve got
you in grave
and there nowhere to i can touch you
i want your hug
you know that
tell me why you die then
i know bad war
take us to the shadow end
forgetting that
asimple die make me cann’t tuch you
i couldn’t get your hug
i want your hug
yeah i know that you know
its hart to believe
that’s you die
i hug the dust
i hug the gost
i hug the dream
i need you
helpless i am
that i am
i want your hug
badly i want
sadly i want
i know you know
then why you die
bad a war say no more
i want your hug…


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