green with green

some one kiked me in my heart
mixed with messy and joy
green than was looking
green with green
all that was making
it hard to breath
breath breath my throat
turned up big smile
belplessly any war to it stoped
wondered what that feeling are
what that touched meaning
swime with memory in fog
but green..ah green
ya green..crushing
happy in my heart
touter sound how sea can hit
how that togather be
no matter water
no matter wind
no matter how we close to end
with red carbet of war was done
we mixed horrible time with fun
under unbiliveble sound
carless..oh no..not carless
but what be done..done
green with green was
making it hard
to lose or to win
in love
what be done ..done..


the war bell

The war bell
got hell
my lover take me in the old way
beside your smile
my soul shall be
dance like angels at pardaise
we sing and play
and walk to carry the hell away
how jolly and mad was that
how nice were where us
can be we glad for war mouth shot
they could hear song
playing out of thee note
and still bad the hell.


step back..tow close

my feet were n’t listing
i was cloudy walking
towards the blue
my lips sowalow my voice
took step back
that order my damb mind
closed the distant
that sound ma aching heart
somthing was wrong
somthing was shine
so what that road was i walking for?
avoid my idiot
avoid that stuff of war
after what i think
step back
tow close
blue dance
without my chance
tha sound hang with blue
take me away
the happy grow…


Can’t forgive

There somthing can’t forgive
you know about all that
how i can hander here
when you know about all that
careless like you
whatever happen with road of your
there somthing can’t forgive
emotional feal
hardly to explain
the carless war
crush our plane
depress fall
wind yaa wind
go fast fast
away with our pain
there is somthing can’t forgive
without huge
without care
cloudy sky
where we are
somthing strange
smothing weir
badly feeling
carless deer…


Somthing new

Love was love
then our war
full of strange moment
love was love
then our war
isn’t happy for us
and began somthing new
when night paints the moon side
long wait for that joy
and was stone war hot
the kind hearts
the lovely one
that loved in two face
war and peace
and door of war shot
with love
and love was love



i desire to get it over
with all difficult of war
it seems to us
the fault not our pleasure
the truth must lies in the road
we swallow love like a pill
that it should do the war end
after word
desire how good to tast the desire be
we meet a death
and suprised the life
in any number of birth
we without beginning to end
wolk like that until
romance is understand the fool of war
love lies not outsid our world
its in our heart
grow with our body
to reaches
as deep as our soul
by war stream rushing under our life
we covered the sky with
that our waking
that what we are…


Love is love

I amn’t walk alone by the side of shattering war
but i take a last drop of pleasure of love
beauty of ugly maybe here
there is a certain joy near
which we have in our heart
we seen in light
we see it again in the eyes
when sky seems
danse with sun rise
that love
which lie around crush cold of war
with flaming of our gaze
no different
war or peace
love is love
in any degress…