At past you feel every single breath inside me.
But the days try hard to break it
we hold our momories firmly
we hold it tight
but now you back
the soul inside of me will always need you
but guess now what i wont?
I wont stop
our going like that worse that death
wait and wish right with silent wind
let me go as you are going
my steps are getting lost
i think of you always
i won’t say must we go
indeed enough
already this time brings the autumn wind
your absent more than your hold
bad dreams are carring away your hope
may be hard to tell that
i won’t happen that in rose ways
being without you
without just hope
is the death
but we are in death too
i shake myself to go on
i scared
i must go on
given you chance to life
so can you live a happy longer
and i cover my light
just enough…


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