My heart by Cenk (cybernetics)

My heart becomes a fire some days and water in others
It burns everything and then puts the fire off
My heart becomes snow somedays and rain in others
Stays as piles of snow, becomes flood and goes away
It gets delighted when sees you
Gets excited when it hears your voice
Its beating is like an orchestra, plays its songs for you
With every pulse, your name is reverberated in my vessels
It becomes a fire some days and water in others
But, my heart gets warmer in your palms only


Simbols of night

the true meaning war
so i fight journy by journy
the hollow of saw
hidden by way
along the step of my
sound of war
triclkling word from the hell
directly from Zobrist
how is here
or he is nere
led war to choose
thoughts had taken
Dante rising out that
from night 27 Rajab
that twice
symbols in night
to Brown from White
about black
darkniss hide behind finger of light.
So what
symbols of night…


passion of the war

if you want to be happy to me
and friendly like how love me
give me peace and leave my path alone
the death here are wild and violent
and my tomb so kind
call me and look to me
quiet … light… lovely place
death at first
deat to the last
souls are kind down at the end
behind the window standing the light
clear by time
moving forever
happy to my path
sailing over a green dream
as i crossed the field
under the shadw of death
innocent like child
death smeling to me
leave my path alone
left me cold and clean
at gray field
under passion of the war…


Just wish

Does our wish for positive things in industry mean gray smook
if we are hoping to feed the world’s with wish
wish out our ocean life
wish to end all war in any page
wish to find right truth
and to tuch justic
wish to wish
life to life
just wish


Live to love

A wake to love
what my glory you rise
your feel.heart.soul.
Behold their smile
and hear laughs
happy and fan the flower
while lie with your hair
all emotion resolved on
live to love
scared love hang with war
love with freedom on anther side
moon or moon
bright and rais
amazed they are
when love hold we are…