Unknown journey

Somtime i fell myself not myself.i must make the most of myself to make my eyes not turn from truth.the power of truth began to play outpath.and i see in surprise what make shot eyes.the blood maxid with attak kill the light.i can leap to my feet.i try race out into the light.smok lile fog and big hard voic..death race quickly like hunted with a red hand..breathless out of sight..i fell horror over near my head.horror crach with minute before.and nothing but scream and dying and sudenly flash.
I see nothing but blood before me..the hell have opened and red blood everywher.the sky opened too like windows.blood drew at the in the street.body without head at bysicles still move.mother with hand her child without body.where body travil without soul.a histireal laughs and black raises his color above that street.exploding can at least understand what have fallen under the influence of the power of hate.i want moment in silence.what had been done with moment before.a bell of cars.hasty and westly i see and not see.
I don’t know how done that or who will be the next victim.the attack has been made always along bad routes under shadow of hate .i slip into darkness.sound without leaving .i remember that i was bay some food from market to go to the waaer.the part of Homs under the sound of freedom surounded by goverment solders.there i live.but the rule of goverment make no enter for food .now coz rmadan just enter 3 kilo from one thing in your israel what done in Gaza.same the same.crule the crule.
The trad of gun in the world must have astory to add to our war. A source of hate depending for its power on another source whether that a small or great.i don’t care for flying hate.i want wings helpless to bring food to my love.we maried just thre mounth before.i see her like angle gentle but sad fly in the air for a moment she bend and kissed me the joy over tears comes to me but there sweet tears.and in safety fight fly again.
How she charm with big soulful by beauty and wisful eyes .her face as bright as moon.every star could have a dream.could make a life .that was as powerful as effect of Aphrodites magic as she when we meet and make dream a life.
I think wasn’t still where i had stop befor what ghosts had passed near me like flash of lightning blue white.i couldn’t breath there was somthing growing more and more. I seemed dawdle through my city which was full of soliders of every kind.war always bring beauty to the top.we can relized it like that befor.the sun falling full bringing out all the sweety colours of beautiful my city tree.shadow of relife.grass and black stoon above red earth.i lost in the distance of beuty Homs.idon’t know how i taked this voyag but i noticed all what crossed by car alone .why alone i don’t know.i looked for driver i didn’t see him yet.
But i don’t car realy now.i injoy my vew.i was thinking what i hat best do .when driver come with my shok .i snak to the darkness.i felt a strange ..lonely..feeling come over me with some dust.that unknown journey.from darkness come another light that was passing by my soul gave me first sort of shock for i realized i was died and coming to puer light.
God pless our soul..
Homs my city athousand love…


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