Run and hide

Some gift chance come with a natural passion.without all beautful thought.that the secrets of serious fate.seems to have no rules.but with love thought happen to go deeper and begun to live pleasvre .all that thought began to play with the revelation of true love .that all start just a week passes.that adventure shines streight upon our life. Start with story that sunni muslim child who beat hin shi’a family.i think at that time if i didn’t help that child he didn’t have another chance beacuse the red war make he migrate with his famely from syria to lebanon.
But i don’t think ever that story shall make our path to cross me and that moment no to think do.just run hide..for along .
What we we done? .nothing.just i want to give died truth a life and Ahmet who try o be lawyerthe family of that child.why they want kill us.that wasn’t that moment our eyes speak that must search for truth and this was going to be agreat story.i know.but with crul shi’a famely and killer i didn’t know who make us run and hide.
In that house..old heart skippeed abeat.we believe with innocent child.and truth must welcoming light.
Week weated to make our find pass to police and to search for that killer and for truth to rest and apper after we give our paper and camera to the world and to th television station wher i work.Week enagh to resolved all tha matter betwen us.when i think of that realy i laugh.that wave burnt us as soon as our eyes felt that needed.i know Ahmet at first was more recognizable than me to somthing shown on weather.he didn’t want me any more involved.but we already catch first we hart ourself with our word.he call me weather girl and i call him lair first realy i work as wether girl what mater with matter what people like that or not .but that my first step in work life and the second involved in realty investigation and here i am.i don’t know if i wish to we met differently.but we did and involved with evry step.For more fun in the dark of this war life we marry soon in this week and i and Ahmet well take honymoon in this old house without anything contact with hard life.
After our story tuch the light in resolut of crule war.
Ahmet had come to himself to the full realization of his powers now.the true was clear.give for all saisfaction.i and Ahmet come to our self by descovering that no limit to discoverin with world and with our budy and soul. The circumstances of child case war un is life.and rvelation of power of pure and unselfish love breath by all human in this earth..
Homs my city athousand love…


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