Root of love

We were so tired of the costent ignoring .tired of lay wetching our happy was the most tired day.tired to open the door.i and he are going to finish beauty of our soule,of our heart.
Its a dangerous dreams making our life hang to get kids.
I give all of my card and he is.
The moon setting by then. Alight selver drom sad no more.send me back to last shot.
We talked awhile longer last days.and far too tired to believe that we can’t do it.
Silence stood near like dark hollow.
Bazzl bazzl here there evry were.
The sky was gry and i alone .its unfair.there yongs bad and old took the end to the end.
No child no pregenal.
Love idon’t but i feel it go to finshed. Idon’t lose it i want our life again.i miss chat befor sleep …imiss lauph…tauch..grow life cold .the war began.and big war not make me ended and forget what i want.
Cold disere.we lost trying to have achild.
Who gave us joy.our room cold.the couch without kisses gift any more.
At fog whisper down adopt.
All senses fallow that with dream tauch.covered with steel hope.adopt.
But we muslim havn’t that like that.but there another thing.that night grow under pillows hope like ocean.
Ash and fish.dust und bird.
Confusion and choise.
All that God know.
Our fight to comglete root of our love.
Haunter to the life.
And air and sky alike to joy of the trail.
Heart to hearts the whole world sing again.over the blood.over the war.we richer gold.breath by breath the hope increased as minute after minute. The play go on.
Iknow why must have our secound chanse.we wanted life full of love not another life engaged whth friendship.that crule life that lose our love there.
First i feared that my idea could not understand clear.and i know that hard cruly to understand.
But for both of us.
Our case…the child war case.
Ided ready for light.
For one minute i think this war change us from our self.maybe i hated that maybe i loved it.but like a flash i loved the crule war now.
I know the knowledge by resould of that war so sad.but that crule war give us and child another chance.i see our hope in smooth small innocent child.
I touch love.
Homs my city athousand love…


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