Missed you by Can Yücel

leaving scracthing my heart for so long
mising you is drugging my brain
even though we dont get together often
knowing that you are with me
is warming inside of me for long
i understand newly.
your absence,
get out of being a stucked pain into my heart
(appeared) as a continually emptiness
begining to the mornings with caressing you
in the evenings putting everything aside
but talking with you, i miss them…
our playings
our walks
your sweet naughtiness
your childish offendings…
how you were strong to others
while defending me
and how you were tender
with a couple of slitted eyes
when you leave yourself to my caresses
Even though i never want you to go
to see that you have to do that
and without saying you those
to say ‘go now’
‘as soon as you forget me, that soon
you will meet the happiness’
haw hard to say to you…
not to be able to see you and maybe after years
when we met
to want you to look at me as a stranger…
and to deal with my heart that i forbid another love…


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