We are like we are

Take a larg part of my heart
leve erthaly world
kepe in my eyes
love me dearley and don’t stop
how wind whin come
our dream not fly
not amazing to recieve nothing
we are like we are
farther from illness soul
touch what we fall to spenk
take acharg of sence
we are like we are
in love..


Unknown journey

Somtime i fell myself not myself.i must make the most of myself to make my eyes not turn from truth.the power of truth began to play outpath.and i see in surprise what make shot eyes.the blood maxid with attak kill the light.i can leap to my feet.i try race out into the light.smok lile fog and big hard voic..death race quickly like hunted with a red hand..breathless out of sight..i fell horror over near my head.horror crach with minute before.and nothing but scream and dying and sudenly flash.
I see nothing but blood before me..the hell have opened and red blood everywher.the sky opened too like windows.blood drew at the in the street.body without head at bysicles still move.mother with hand her child without body.where body travil without soul.a histireal laughs and black raises his color above that street.exploding can at least understand what have fallen under the influence of the power of hate.i want moment in silence.what had been done with moment before.a bell of cars.hasty and westly i see and not see.
I don’t know how done that or who will be the next victim.the attack has been made always along bad routes under shadow of hate .i slip into darkness.sound without leaving .i remember that i was bay some food from market to go to the waaer.the part of Homs under the sound of freedom surounded by goverment solders.there i live.but the rule of goverment make no enter for food .now coz rmadan just enter 3 kilo from one thing in your israel what done in Gaza.same the same.crule the crule.
The trad of gun in the world must have astory to add to our war. A source of hate depending for its power on another source whether that a small or great.i don’t care for flying hate.i want wings helpless to bring food to my love.we maried just thre mounth before.i see her like angle gentle but sad fly in the air for a moment she bend and kissed me the joy over tears comes to me but there sweet tears.and in safety fight fly again.
How she charm with big soulful by beauty and wisful eyes .her face as bright as moon.every star could have a dream.could make a life .that was as powerful as effect of Aphrodites magic as she when we meet and make dream a life.
I think wasn’t still where i had stop befor what ghosts had passed near me like flash of lightning blue white.i couldn’t breath there was somthing growing more and more. I seemed dawdle through my city which was full of soliders of every kind.war always bring beauty to the top.we can relized it like that befor.the sun falling full bringing out all the sweety colours of beautiful my city tree.shadow of relife.grass and black stoon above red earth.i lost in the distance of beuty Homs.idon’t know how i taked this voyag but i noticed all what crossed by car alone .why alone i don’t know.i looked for driver i didn’t see him yet.
But i don’t car realy now.i injoy my vew.i was thinking what i hat best do .when driver come with my shok .i snak to the darkness.i felt a strange ..lonely..feeling come over me with some dust.that unknown journey.from darkness come another light that was passing by my soul gave me first sort of shock for i realized i was died and coming to puer light.
God pless our soul..
Homs my city athousand love…



If that be serious love why brook with forces in that world.
Love rose like flood.and eyes touch the horizon of light.passing more and more through those relation and minute.but in war trouble world nothing elss can spend all that spirit and keep stand.and at may be teach us the wide wild meaning of life.
But Sanaaa.oh Sanaaa how sweet her eyes deep-set green,her small hand.her innocent pink face .like an accident or happy mistake when we meet but how dreamy was that met.
We were always siling against the wind togather as if we could cut through any thing face us.
But now.the war.its another thing.wars the most madness thing that ever happened.
She gived goverment all our love.and i stand with who sing for freedom.we stand betwen us river that name its war.we can’t pass it.we couldn’t.
I peg her .oh Sanaaa.we talk about everything .i wondered with asort of sad whether i could continue the life without her.without ma heart.with dead soul.
Her wounded now her goverment not i.she cut me when said that.i give my soul to free to freedom soul.
We realise that we take arisk to kill our romance.
I tell her how goverment kill akids how destroy the human and stoon.she tell me that the freedom done more than that and there somthing important than anything else .its goverment.
and she remember me when we talked about America and gun .who goverment kept the gun in market for mony and kept kids kill evrey year with cold blood.
Mony important than human
mony give power for goverment
goverment important than human that the purose.
I better i dead and not hear that from her.she the most heautiful thing happen to me .how can get away as she said.
When her voice come like whisger..go away.. We done enough already.fighting out our troubls.she in her weakness make my heart steal through acold.what was coming.what was must i do .the words tide us.just look in dyed white faces.i think our way are our cut to the heart.our hand like snow.we understood the madness of this war.i kow that she don’t mean that words.i know she wanted me as i wanted her.ther could be no more joy in the more smille to lough.just die.without aword i turned and walked a way among destroy bilding.
It was lost in black.i want as i seem to move in horrible dream bad enough .the war mixed us with a big sorrow.away long enough to shut eyes silently.i must wait and wait and what can i do to keep back.the true force of wonded heart suffered war was completly fool.i want hear my heart flame again.hope to stand in happiness world after we passing away..bring the sun shine into this war to fresh the air to grow the flower to sing the bird again.
God able to do all that things i pray…


Run and hide

Some gift chance come with a natural passion.without all beautful thought.that the secrets of serious fate.seems to have no rules.but with love thought happen to go deeper and begun to live pleasvre .all that thought began to play with the revelation of true love .that all start just a week passes.that adventure shines streight upon our life. Start with story that sunni muslim child who beat hin shi’a family.i think at that time if i didn’t help that child he didn’t have another chance beacuse the red war make he migrate with his famely from syria to lebanon.
But i don’t think ever that story shall make our path to cross me and that moment no to think do.just run hide..for along .
What we we done? .nothing.just i want to give died truth a life and Ahmet who try o be lawyerthe family of that child.why they want kill us.that wasn’t that moment our eyes speak that must search for truth and this was going to be agreat story.i know.but with crul shi’a famely and killer i didn’t know who make us run and hide.
In that house..old heart skippeed abeat.we believe with innocent child.and truth must welcoming light.
Week weated to make our find pass to police and to search for that killer and for truth to rest and apper after we give our paper and camera to the world and to th television station wher i work.Week enagh to resolved all tha matter betwen us.when i think of that realy i laugh.that wave burnt us as soon as our eyes felt that needed.i know Ahmet at first was more recognizable than me to somthing shown on weather.he didn’t want me any more involved.but we already catch first we hart ourself with our word.he call me weather girl and i call him lair first realy i work as wether girl what mater with matter what people like that or not .but that my first step in work life and the second involved in realty investigation and here i am.i don’t know if i wish to we met differently.but we did and involved with evry step.For more fun in the dark of this war life we marry soon in this week and i and Ahmet well take honymoon in this old house without anything contact with hard life.
After our story tuch the light in resolut of crule war.
Ahmet had come to himself to the full realization of his powers now.the true was clear.give for all saisfaction.i and Ahmet come to our self by descovering that no limit to discoverin with world and with our budy and soul. The circumstances of child case war un is life.and rvelation of power of pure and unselfish love breath by all human in this earth..
Homs my city athousand love…


Root of love

We were so tired of the costent ignoring .tired of lay wetching our happy was the most tired day.tired to open the door.i and he are going to finish beauty of our soule,of our heart.
Its a dangerous dreams making our life hang to get kids.
I give all of my card and he is.
The moon setting by then. Alight selver drom sad no more.send me back to last shot.
We talked awhile longer last days.and far too tired to believe that we can’t do it.
Silence stood near like dark hollow.
Bazzl bazzl here there evry were.
The sky was gry and i alone .its unfair.there yongs bad and old took the end to the end.
No child no pregenal.
Love idon’t but i feel it go to finshed. Idon’t lose it i want our life again.i miss chat befor sleep …imiss lauph…tauch..grow life cold .the war began.and big war not make me ended and forget what i want.
Cold disere.we lost trying to have achild.
Who gave us joy.our room cold.the couch without kisses gift any more.
At fog whisper down adopt.
All senses fallow that with dream tauch.covered with steel hope.adopt.
But we muslim havn’t that like that.but there another thing.that night grow under pillows hope like ocean.
Ash and fish.dust und bird.
Confusion and choise.
All that God know.
Our fight to comglete root of our love.
Haunter to the life.
And air and sky alike to joy of the trail.
Heart to hearts the whole world sing again.over the blood.over the war.we richer gold.breath by breath the hope increased as minute after minute. The play go on.
Iknow why must have our secound chanse.we wanted life full of love not another life engaged whth friendship.that crule life that lose our love there.
First i feared that my idea could not understand clear.and i know that hard cruly to understand.
But for both of us.
Our case…the child war case.
Ided ready for light.
For one minute i think this war change us from our self.maybe i hated that maybe i loved it.but like a flash i loved the crule war now.
I know the knowledge by resould of that war so sad.but that crule war give us and child another chance.i see our hope in smooth small innocent child.
I touch love.
Homs my city athousand love…


Shadow of love

So weary with fog
distance would set my chance
on the heart freezes up
evry warm alike to taste
when dreams shall justic be into madnight
equally lost
afalso hope still hang aganist our step
in blue hollow heard over the waste
somthing knok
somthing wated
several virgin dream shrinks with moring dew
with frown who moring travell out the clouds
small smile change the anxious with beauty
under the wide sky
shadow of love
follow the flam through listen soul
our heart waving to wake
bright that knok
heavy with pain
blau with gray
pleasures must catch that day
wisdow call me
love call over empty sound
fly with joy
drop crazy lay.