How i come to escape from a traic
by sell tiket of happynes
by catsh ten coin in gold or selver
there are alwayes somthing strange
step or two
will be done ok
maybe finly break tho tric
and we here are
from roles too far
and think
and think
that we lost that sight
its ok
i can’t believe somtime our power
life has many rivers
the joy is hard to catsh
amazing word
amazing heart


Though of love

Best chance had succeeded
the lolla proved deeply devoted
to her lol
and new case run dull
the wiseper continued to take most excellent care
some one dare
lolla lolla
her trips north
across the land with red mouth
again her eyes sea blue
in her glance somthing true
whatever love
or though
only that feel open the window eyes
together lolla and lol love so nice.